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What is a Support Plan?

  • A Support Plan is part of the Self Directed Support process.
  • You need a Support Plan to be able to spend your Individual Budget in the way you choose, as long as it meets your assessed needs. 
Who do we Support Plan with?
  • If you live in Sheffield and you have been allocated an Indicative Budget then we can work with you to develop your Support Plan.
  • We Support Plan with older people, people with learning disabilities, people with physical impairments and people with sensory impairments.
  • If you or we feel that we do not have the right experience to develop your Support Plan with you, we will put you in touch with someone who can. 
 How do we develop your Support Plan?
  • We use the ‘7 Essential Criteria for a Support Plan’.
  • We work with you to think about what you want to spend your budget on and how best to use the money you have to meet your needs.
  • We will look with you to see who can meet your needs in the best way and how much this will cost.
  • We will then work out with you how you want to spend your budget.


   How much does a Support Plan cost?

   The first meeting with us is free =

  • We will meet up with you and the people you want to be involved in your Support Plan, so we can get an understanding of your assessed needs.
  • If you feel we are able to work with you to write your Support Plan, we will work out how much time we feel we will need to do this, agree a contract with you and the total cost.
   How do we work out the cost of your Support Plan?
  • £20 an hour - an average Support Plan costs £240 based on 12 hours of work.
   This price includes
  • Time we spend with you to understand what your needs are and how you would like them to be met. 
  • Time it takes for us to look at what is available to meet your needs.
  • Time it takes to write your Support Plan in an accessible way.                               
  • Time it takes for us to get the Support Plan and Support Plan Sign Off Record agreed with the Local Authority.
  • Once the Support Plan is signed off, we continue to have some responsibility if any further work is needed to get the Support Plan working as it needs to, or if it needs changing in any way. This is for up to 12 weeks after the Support Plan is signed off and it is your choice if you want us to be involved in sorting out any issues you may have in getting your plan working as you need it to.
  • Time to attend the first review which is usually 12 weeks after the Support Plan has been signed off and agreed.
   How do I pay for my Support Plan?
  • The money to pay for your Support Plan comes out of your Individual Budget.
  • We will write your Support Plan with you and get it agreed with the Local Authority before we are paid for the work we have done. 



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