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Share a Supporter

   How it works……

   Share a Supporter is a creative and cost effective way of having support.

   Share a Supporter lets you access the activity sessions we provide with others and share the cost of the supporter between you.

   You can choose 1 to 1 support, or share a supporter with one or two other people.

-       1 to 1 support is from £13.75 an hour

-      1 to 2 support is £7.25 an hour

-      1 to 3 support is £5.00 an hour    


   Supporters are fully trained and we match the skills and experience they bring to meet your needs and interests.

   We pay our supporters above the usual hourly rate of other providers, as we value you as a person and the supporter’s skills and experience.
   All our Supporters are Enhanced CRB Checked, have been inducted and receive ongoing training and development.     

   What we do……

   We employ the supporter and then invoice you, someone you have nominated or the Council (depending who holds your budget) at the end of 
   each month, so you do not have to employ people directly.

   We find a supporter who has the skills to meet your needs and has an interest in the activity we provide.

   We will co-ordinate a supporter so they can work alongside 1, 2 or 3 people.

   We will arrange cover providing another supporter if your supporter is off.

   How we do this……

   We find out from you what your needs are and how you want them to be met.

   We look at the activity sessions you have chosen that we provide and find a supporter who has the skills and interest in the same activity. 
   We talk to other people and see if we can work out if you can ‘Share a Supporter’ between you.
   With your Support Planner we work out what happens if someone you share a supporter with has any time off, to make sure you can still have
   your support as planned.

   Why choose Share a Supporter?

   We make sure your supporter can meet your needs and interests and is someone you enjoy spending time with.

   It is good value if you can share support and do things with others.

   You do not have to become an employer, as we employ the supporter.

   We make sure supporters are Enhanced Criminal Record Bureaus (CRB) checked.



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