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Our Values     
  • We believe people have the right to live life and be involved in the things they enjoy with other people who have the same interests.
  • We pay our workers above the 'Living Wage' as this values and reflects the importance of the role they have and in turn we feel this values the people we support.
  • We choose to work alongside organisations that have good facilities and offer meaningful activities for people to engage in and enjoy.
  • We try and work with community groups or charities where any monies we pay for hiring facilities goes back into supporting the organisation.
  • We try and choose facilities that are located on the Supertram route, or accessible bus routes so people can get to the activity sessions we          co-ordinate on public transport where possible, reducing travel costs and supporting the environment.
  • We have paid and volunteer workers as part of our team. We want to ensure that the people who work with us reflect the communities we support. We have older people, young people, people with learning disabilities and people with physical impairments working in the team.
  • We have chosen to locate our office site at the Burton Street Foundation, as this is a not for profit organisation and the rent we pay is used to support the work they do.
  • We have chosen not to have our own building to deliver activity sessions in, but to make use of the facilities available in the city, as we believe this gives more choice and flexibility in the activities we can support people to access.
  • We have chosen to do our banking with the Co-operative Bank, as we believe its practice is ethical.
  • We re-cycle as much of our waste as possible, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans and ink cartridges.
  • We use environmentally sustainable paper and ask if we can send information out to people by email, or encourage people to use our website,    as this reduces the need to print as much information.
  • We car share as much as possible and try to plan the work we do in a way that reduces the need for excessive car use. 



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