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'It's About Me'
A series of tools we use to get to know who you are, who and what is important to you and what you enjoy.

About Me

This booklet has information in it that other people would need as an introduction to get to know you.

It is about who you are, how you communicate, what you like and dislike and essential information to keep you safe.

More About Me

This booklet has more detailed information in it that people supporting you regularly would need to know.

It is about your emotional, physical and mental well-being and would include risk assessments to keep you and the person supporting you safe.

My Day

This is an information sheet about your daily routine and the things that are important to you.

My Week

This is an overview of your week, what you do when, where, and who with.

My Year

This has important dates on that you want other people to know about – this could be you and your family’s birthdays or appointments,
meetings and events.

My Life

This booklet has information in it about who you are, who is or has been important to you and is the on-going ‘story of your life’.

It is a way of collating stories and memories that can be shared with others in a way that is meaningful to you.

‘Make A Memory’

These are memory boxes and they have different things in them that may bring a happy memory back to you. The things in the box could include photos, music or objects that help you to share with other people the ‘story of your life’ and others may share their story with you too. 

My Health – We use the following:

Dis Dat

This is an observational tool that is used by people who know you well, so they can collate information about your non-verbal communication to establish when you are feeling relaxed and happy or distressed and unhappy. DisDat is a really useful tool to understand more about when you may be in pain or distress and how those supporting you can recognise when this is and what they need to do to reduce your pain and discomfort where possible.

Hospital Passport

This is a ‘traffic light’ colour coded booklet that holds information about all your support needs for when you go into hospital.

The ‘Red’ being essential information and must be followed by everyone, ‘Amber’ being information that will help people to understand your needs in more detail, ‘Green’ being useful information to know about you.




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