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Is your organisation ready for Self Directed Support?

  • What is changing?

          How social care services are allocated and purchased -

          Traditional ‘block contracts’ are reducing and people receiving support are able to buy the services they want and need directly or through Individual Service Funds.
  • What about the people who use your services?
          People are no longer being seen as ‘users’ of services but ‘customers’ of services and so the need to look at what and how you provide your service is essential to 
          ensure people will choose to buy your services in the future.
          Good customer care, as well as good quality and good value are important to us all when we are spending money and people who are using their Individual Budget  
          also look for those things when they are choosing their support services.
  • So where is your organisation?
          Are you confident that people will choose to buy your services with their Individual Budget? 
  • If your answer is yes, then the quality, value for money and customer focus of your organisation is probably where it needs to be.
  • If your answer is people will choose to buy some of your services, but not all of them, then you may want to look at the changes that need to happen in your organisation.
  • If your answer is most people will not buy any of the services you provide, then you certainly need to look at how your organisation will change, so that people will want to buy your services in the future.
  • What do we offer?

          We can work alongside your organisation to understand what it does now and what it needs to do to embrace Self Directed Support.

          We will work with you and the people who are involved in your organisation to move from where you are, to where you want and need to be.

          Development plans will be written specifically around the needs of your organisation, including timescales, costs and outcomes.
  • Why choose us?

          We have over 30 years of managerial experience in social care supporting older people and people with a learning disability.

          We have experience in delivering training to people about Self Directed Support and what it means for social care organisations.

          As an organisation we Support Plan with people and provide community co-ordinated support enabling people to live life.                                                              
          We not only talk about the theory of Self Directed Support, we actually support people who have an Individual Budget.                                                                              
          As Self Directed Support rolls out we are learning more and more about what it means in practice and how it can positively change people’s lives.
          We want to use our learning to help shape your organisation for the future.



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